Saturday, 19 January 2019

Mid January

It's hard to believe it's already past the middle of the month. Time flies when you're having fun!

The children are having a blast conducting surveys of one another and collecting & plotting data on a number of topics, so as a provocation, I set up this pictograph for Tuesday morning to surprise them with the news that not only we're we having visitors from Mme Leblanc's class coming to buddy up with us, but that we were finally able to utlize our Grow Tower (we'd been waiting for brand new-to code light-bulbs). The children voted on the plant they were most excited about growing, and we set off to work with our blossom buddies to plant our seeds and add nutrients to our grow pods and add them to the tower. The children were so excited, that several of them wanted their buddies to come back the following DAY to reap the benefits of our garden, forgetting that it will take just a wee bit more time before we can harvest.😀
 Thank you to Mrs. Hanna who hung out with me after school on Monday night assembling lights and readying the grow tower.
We continue to work on ball skills in the gym, but imagine my pride when I notice two classmates who are supposed to be playing 'hot potato catch' independently problem solving whose chosen ball to use first. I like how they're thinking!

We ended the week off with a review on warm and cool colours and a discussion on texture and paint technique and the children explored oil pastels and puffy paint.


  • Wednesday January 23 is Litterless Lunch. We are practicing having garbage free lunches (excluding compost) & tallying our class results. We're also transferring that data into tangible bar graphs using unifix cubes. The grade three children will be collecting data school-wide starting next month.
  • Thursday January 24 will be Snuggle Up with a (Small) Stuffie & PJ Day
  • Friday January 25 is a PD Day, so no school for your little ones.
  • WWW for next week are: best, pretty, what, there, no, read.
  • Assessment Folders will be coming home in the next week with some samples of the children's work/assessments. Please ensure that they are returned as soon as possible.
  • We will be visiting the library this week. Please send in late library books. If you cannot find the missing book, please send a note and I will provide you the information from Miss Jenn, our librarian tech, on the cost to replace the book.
Thank you and have a great weekend!
Erin Riley

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!
I was happy to welcome the children back to school this past week and my heart was warmed with lots of happy greetings, big smiles, hugs, and, "I missed you!!"s.
We spent some time reestablishing connections with one another and setting goals for the New Year while slowly delving back into the curriculum.

 We have begun a new math unit...likely a favourite of the year. Young children LOVE posing questions and surveying one another. We've been making vertical and horizontal bar and pictographs and will be revisiting tallies as we continue to ANALYZE our collected data.

Our WWW's for this past week, as posted on our January homework calendar that was sent home were: their, when, make,will, eat. The children spent a lot of time this week exploring these words and many were still confused with the particular word 'their'. Please ensure that you are revisiting the WWW's on a consistent basis as our Word Wall is growing, the words are becoming more and more complex and these words generally are not words that can easily be decoded by sounding out each letter. Sight words are words that are commonly found in print and to aid your child in learning to read or improve in their reading, they need to know these words at a glance.
Our WWW's for the next coming week are:
this, all, very, to, where.

Looking ahead to the next month for the old school 3R's:

  • Blends and Digraphs (ie. ch, sh, th, wh, ph)
  • Reading Strategy: 'Chunky Monkey'...the children look for chunks and small words within words that they already know to help them decode new words.
  • Comprehension Strategies: continue with predictions, retelling, and making connections. We will begin to explore visualizing and asking questions.
  • Spending more time reading 'just right' books at our own individual reading levels.
  • Continue to work on Super Sentences. The children should be writing 2-3 complete sentences minimally in their writing tasks by this point in the school year, using a combination of word wall words/known words and phonetic spelling of unknown words.
  • Continue with our Recount Writing & Procedural Writing.
  • Data Management-collecting, organizing, and analyzing data using concrete graphs, bar and pictographs and tally marks.
  • Number Sense and Numeration-representing, comparing and ordering whole numbers to 50.
What can you do at home to help your learners?
Read with your child nightly. Read WWW's and books at their level. Discuss spacing between words and punctuation, letter sounds and hidden word chunks to help them decode tricky words and discuss what the books are about for comprehension. 
Play math games and board games such as Snakes and Ladders. Talk about the numbers and what comes before and after/bigger or smaller than; how many ten frames would you need to make that number; what are the digits in that number when it's written; how can you build that number using friendly numbers.

As always, I thank you for your support in your child's learning and I wish you a wonderful week. Stay warm!
Erin Riley

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Library Week

This week it is also our turn to visit the library for a read-aloud and book exchange. Please send in your child's library books on Monday or Tuesday the children haven't already done so.

Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend!

December's in full swing!

My apologies for the delay in posting. With an early start to winter my own children have succumbed to a variety of germs and my usual time spent updating the website has been spent in doctors offices and playing nursemaid. Poor little monkeys. 'Our' shared children, too, seem to have fallen to germ season, as we've been missing a few children each day due to illness. We always take the time to 'Wish Them Well'. Ask your son or daughter what we do to build support, community, and compassion in this way.

It truly is the busiest time of year, and the grade one children have been immersing themselves in learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Struggles with tape.😆

Our math and science units are merging together as we learn more about 2D and 3D shapes and solids, various object and materials and their attributes as well as structures-not only as supporting frameworks, but also as man-made or found in nature. The children have been working on building for a variety of purposes and looking for shapes within their 3D structures.

We're also working on keeping up our numeracy skills while we are immersed in a different strand of mathematics. 

In language, we've been exploring word families, writing letters, using our word wall words (and the word wall), stretching out letter sounds, and we've just begun procedural writing using key terms, first, then, next, and last. Please ensure that you are reviewing the word wall words nightly with your child as these are words that do not follow particular phonemic patterns and often cannot be decoded using traditional strategies.
Believe it or not, but these two are not the only birthday twins in our class.

The children enjoyed reading to and with their stuffies. Thanks for sending them in.

Looking ahead to next week:
  • As we've been readying our hearts during this season of Advent, the children have been tasked with completing varying acts of kindness. Please keep the kindness angels coming. The boys and girls enjoy sharing their good deeds.
  • The kids are welcome to wear their Santa hats and/or reindeer antlers this coming week.
  • As we have our school Christmas concert this Friday, the children are invited to wear their Christmas (or otherwise) pajamas on Thursday December 20th.
  • We'd love it if the children could wear red & white on Friday AND a traditional tuque and scarf for their performance.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Weekly Update

Upcoming Word Wall Words this week:
I'm also adding the instructional word cut to the list.

All across Ontario, this past week was designated as Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week to help promote safe schools and positive learning environments. At St. Anne we are committed to raising awareness and learning more about what bullying is (and isn't). Moreover, we are committed to fostering Kindness and Empathy for one another. We started this week off with a visit from Father Paul, who helped us explore what it means to be kind and caring, why it's important to emulate God's love, and What Would Jesus Do? 

Later on in the week, the children gathered outside to participate in our Upstander Circle, where they pledged to not only be kind to one another, but to stand up to eradicate bullying.

Classroom activities this week around Bullying Prevention included read-alouds, discussions, creation of Kindness Posters, and creating a grade-level Kindness chain where the children wrote various loving phrases about their peers on strips of paper and linked them together to create a long chain.
We continue to work on CVC words, WWW activities, writing sentences using proper spacing, upper case to start and punctuation. We will be reinforcing 'What Makes a Complete Sentence' & Sentence Building in the coming weeks.

The children are fully immersed in a variety of units. In math, they're exploring attributes of and comparing 2D shapes. A favourite game of theirs is to take turns in the 'teacher chair' where they choose a shape in secret and the other children have to ask questions about the shape using 'math language' (ie. Does the shape have four vertices? Does it have parallel sides? etc.) before guessing the shape by name.

Thank you all very kindly for the contributions to our science unit with your recyclables. Keep them coming please. The children are very eager to get their hands on the materials and construct. I am trying to hold them off a wee bit as we learn more about structures and materials and gather more materials for their various projects. They have really-to no surprise as it is such a hands-on unit-taken to our science unit. Throughout the week, the children have been pointing out various 'fasteners' they've discovered, and shared with me and each other how the fasteners work. The video below highlights Calvin's creation. With the addition of the 'straw' of a classmates fruitpouch and some tape as a 'fastener' he turned a piece of paper into a beyblade. Three, two, one...let it rip!!

We do not have library this week but please add to your calendars a reminder to send the children's library books back on Monday December 3rd. This gives me enough time to send home reminders if needed for those not returned so that all children are able to exchange their books on our Wednesday visit. Given the size of the school we are limited to biweekly visits and the children are very disappointed when they are not able to exchange their books because they forgot to return them. It also means no new books for 4 weeks!

Another date to add to your calendar:
9:30 a.m
Christmas Concert
The primary grade classes-starting with grade one-will be performing a song in celebration of Christmas on Friday December 21st at 9:30a.m. As the morning progresses, the junior grade classes will take stage as well. (Kindergarteners will be performing on December 19th, for those of you with children in multiple grades). We look forward to seeing you from the stage!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


BLUE day is being moved to Thurs Nov. 22
Fri Nov. 23 is now RED and BLACK day to show our school spirit for the Ottawa Redblacks and their big Grey Cup game.

Please send those library books back as we're off to our school library tomorrow. 

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Weekly Update

Hello Dear Parents,
The children and I have just embarked on a couple new 'Units of Study' for Math and Science: Geometry and Materials, Objects, & Everyday Structures. It should be a fun few weeks!!
Keeping that in mind, I do ask that if you have any recyclables that could be used to build structures that you send them in with your child to add to our Construction Bin. Items that might be useful include, but are not limited to:

  • empty paper towel (or tp) rolls or other dowels
  • egg cartons
  • thin cardboard boxes (think cereal, etc.)
  • empty tissue boxes
  • empty tin cans and lids (no sharp edges, obviously)
  • empty coffee cans
  • bottle caps
  • popsicle sticks
  • glass baby food jars
  • scrap fabric & yarn
  • small sticks and twigs
Please ensure that any recyclables that are being sent in are clean and safe from contaminants (nuts, oats, dairy.)

We have Library this week, so please have your child bring his or her books back on Monday so we can prepare for exchange.

Our WWW this week are: 

This week is also Kindness Week. We will be doing a number of activities to highlight the importance of being kind and of being an Upstander in grade one. The entire school community is invited to wear BLUE on Friday November 23rd, to represent all the Upstanders and Peacemakers.

I also invite you to check out St. Anne's new blog on Social and Emotional Learning. It is a great resource to both parents and children. 

Please find below some pics of some of last weeks' highlights: